Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pre-Order: Katie Manning - I Awake in My Womb

Katie Manning - I Awake in My Womb
Chapbook (2013), 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches.

First Printing French-fold card-stock covers, hand-sewn binding, with vellum inserts.
Limited to an edition of 26 lettered copies, pre-order only. ($10).
We are very excited to announce the next book in our release schedule is Katie Manning's I Awake in My Womb. This collection ponders motherhood through a series of pregnancy dreams. Surreal and poignant, I Awake in My Womb  is not to be missed.

The first printing of 26 lettered copies will be available through pre-orders ONLY, but don't worry, we will be following that up with a second printing of 40 copies.

The Interview

I sit in a conference room
with 20 other people.
There’s an emergency call
mid-interview. It’s you,
newborn baby.
What will they think of me
if I take the call? What will they think
if I don’t?

The interview continues.
I have to ride a horse
around a muddy field. I wear a frilly white dress—
I want to look professional.
My left hand holds
the reins. My right
picks up the phone. You are crying.
I drop the reins and take up a sword.
I cut off
my breast to make room on my chest
for comforting you.

Katie Manning is the author of The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman (Point Loma Press, 2013) and Tea with Ezra (Boneset Books, 2013). Her poetry has been published in New Letters, PANK, The Pedestal Magazine, and Poet Lore, among other journals and anthologies. She lives with her husband and son in Southern California, where she works as an Assistant Professor of English at Azusa Pacific University. Find her online at www.katiemanningpoet.com.


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