Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coppage Chapbook Pre-orders

We are proud to announce that the first printing of Borrowing Night from Day sold out in under 24 hours. The following link will pre-order a copy of the second printing. These are also selling fast so click the link below to order.


Yellow Flag Press is proud to announce that William Lusk Coppage's debut chapbook, Borrowing Night from Day, is now available for pre-order.

Mississippi native William Lusk Coppage is no stranger to Yellow Flag Press. We have released nine broadsides by Coppage over the last five years. Now these out of print poems are being collected in a chapbook. The first pressing will be limited to 26 hand-lettered copies, with a second pressing of 40 hand-numbered copies to immediately follow. The first pressing will be released June 2nd and is sure to sell out quickly. The only way to get a first edition is to pre-order.

Please click the following link to pre-order. 


William Lusk Coppage - Borrowing Night from Day


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vision/Verse 4 OFFICIAL Release List

Here is the list of broadsides and titles for the VV4 show this year.

YFP-65 M. Rather, Jr. - After Viewing Eye of God
YFP-66 Patrice Melnick - Dancing at Tipitina's After the Flood
YFP-67 David Havird - Eurydice's Trousseau
YFP-68 Philana Omorotionmwan - Cauchemar
YFP-69 Maya Beerbower - Dispersion of Light
YFP-70 Stella Nesanovich - The Colors of the River
YFP-71 Kevin Thomason - At the Ocean
YFP-72 William Lusk Coppage - Borrowing Night from Day
YFP-73 Hillary Joubert - Megiddo Valley
YFP-74 Clare L. Martin - The Bird in My Ribcage
YFP-75 M. Rather, Jr. - Triptych
YFP-76 Patrice Melnick - This Road
YFP-77 David Havird - Flying Blind
YFP-78 Philana Omorotionmwan - There Are Minerals in Rock
YFP-79 Maya Beerbower - Cross-Pollination
YFP-80 Stella Nesanovich - On Icons
YFP-81 Kevin Thomason - Artist
YFP-82 William Lusk Coppage - Blood and the Blade
YFP-83 Hillary Joubert - The Newness of Old Rope
YFP-84 Clare L. Martin - As We Are

Poet List Updated

All of the newest YFP poets from this year's Vision/Verse series are now in the list on the sidebar.