Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pushcart Prize Nominations

Yellow Flag Press has made our Pushcart Prize nominations for this year and the nominees are:

Katie Manning “The Interview”
from the chapbook I Awake in My Womb, (YFP-115, 2013)
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Bonny McDonald, “Kloster”
from the chapbook Kloster, (YFP-92, 2013)
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Kevin Dwyer, “Time Marches On”
from the broadside Time Marches On, (YFP-105, 2013)
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Joel Ferdon, “To the Belly and Back”
from the broadside To the Belly and Back, (YFP-114, 2013)
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Rodney Gomez, “Grackle”
from the broadside Grackle, (YFP-98, 2013)
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M. Rather, Jr., “Miracle”
from the broadside Miracle, (YFP-101, 2013)
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