Monday, July 1, 2013

Pre-Order: Bonny McDonald - Kloster

From Kloster

Paint your angels with pupils, dark.
Keep your eyes open, jewel-toned, beautiful.
Not as sapphire, blind and blinding,
but as water: silty and reflective.
Somehow, I have missed the Mississippi.

Here, all the water is clear as glass,
not a speck of debris.
No tires and cups and foam spin in your waters.
Every creek is clear as if filtered,
with no record of where it’s been. 

Pre-orders are now available for our newest chapbook release, Bonny McDonald's Kloster. This chapbook is limited to an edition of 26 hand made hardcover books, with french-folded craft paper in 14 different varieties.

Kloster is a sweeping poem in five parts that spans many times and places, a deep questioning about the past and how it determines our present.

Click the link to order Kloster

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