Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vision/Verse 2 Lineup Announced

The following is the list of broadsides we will be releasing for Vision/Verse 2, Which opens on June 5th at the Art Associates Gallery in The Central School for the Arts, Lake Charles, LA.

YFP-23 Michael Shewmaker - Crop Circles
YFP-24 Andrew McSorley - Reflection
YFP-25 Jacob Blevins - Play
YFP-26 William Lusk Coppage - Once in Mississippi the Moon Was Hidden
YFP-27 Angelina Oberdan - Nowhere, Oklahoma
YFP-28 Stella Nesanovich - Eggplant
YFP-29 Lou Amyx - Henna
YFP-30 Rita D. Costello - after life
YFP-31 M. Rather, Jr. - Lake Charles in Late May
YFP-32 Jan Rider Newman - Santa Fe Fragment
YFP-33 Michael Shewmaker - Harvest
YFP-34 Andrew McSorley - N21
YFP-35 Jacob Blevins - When They Dance
YFP-36 William Lusk Coppage - A Mile Off the Highway
YFP-37 Angelina Oberdan - Beyond The Dormer Window
YFP-38 Stella Nesanovich - Breaking the Surface
YFP-39 Lou Amyx - Night Orchid
YFP-40 Rita D. Costello - The Forwardness of Water
YFP-41 M. Rather, Jr. - The Stately Home on the Highway
YFP-42 Jan Rider Newman - Imagination