Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vision/Verse 4 OFFICIAL Release List

Here is the list of broadsides and titles for the VV4 show this year.

YFP-65 M. Rather, Jr. - After Viewing Eye of God
YFP-66 Patrice Melnick - Dancing at Tipitina's After the Flood
YFP-67 David Havird - Eurydice's Trousseau
YFP-68 Philana Omorotionmwan - Cauchemar
YFP-69 Maya Beerbower - Dispersion of Light
YFP-70 Stella Nesanovich - The Colors of the River
YFP-71 Kevin Thomason - At the Ocean
YFP-72 William Lusk Coppage - Borrowing Night from Day
YFP-73 Hillary Joubert - Megiddo Valley
YFP-74 Clare L. Martin - The Bird in My Ribcage
YFP-75 M. Rather, Jr. - Triptych
YFP-76 Patrice Melnick - This Road
YFP-77 David Havird - Flying Blind
YFP-78 Philana Omorotionmwan - There Are Minerals in Rock
YFP-79 Maya Beerbower - Cross-Pollination
YFP-80 Stella Nesanovich - On Icons
YFP-81 Kevin Thomason - Artist
YFP-82 William Lusk Coppage - Blood and the Blade
YFP-83 Hillary Joubert - The Newness of Old Rope
YFP-84 Clare L. Martin - As We Are

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