Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vision/Verse Broadsides Announced

The Vision/Verse show is quickly approaching. May 1st we will debut 20 broadsides at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum in Lake Charles, LA, along with the art created to go with them. Below is the list of the broadsides. All 20 broadsides will be released May 1st.

YFP-01 Mary Hughes - Returns
YFP-02 M. Rather, Jr. - We Name the Flowers and the Trees
YFP-03 Michael Shewmaker - Poem
YFP-04 Angelina Oberdan - Driving Under Heat Lightning
YFP-05 J. Bruce Fuller - Counting Dust Devils: Early Season
YFP-06 Erica McCreedy - Picking Blackberries with Libby
YFP-07 Steven Brown - Phototaxis
YFP-08 William Coppage - Proportions of Man
YFP-09 Andrew McSorley - Plaza de Armas
YFP-10 Lou Amyx - Paint
YFP-11 Steven Brown - Consummation: A Doxology
YFP-12 Angelina Oberdan - Lilith's Incantation
YFP-13 Michael Shewmaker - Nude Reclining With Book
YFP-14 M. Rather, Jr. - Birth
YFP-15 William Coppage - Prayer to the Neon God
YFP-16 Mary Hughes - Summer Help
YFP-17 Lou Amyx - Roses
YFP-18 J. Bruce Fuller - Aubade
YFP-19 Erica McCreedy - Riding Back From Houston
YFP-20 Andrew McSorley - The Absent Messenger

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